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    “Cunoasterea este prin ea insasi putere.” Francis Bacon

    Investim alaturi de voi in cunoastere si educatie, va ajutam sa construiti in fiecare zi la implinirea voastra.
    Cuvintele de ordine sunt: impact, inedit, noutate si valoare.

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Millennials are burning. With burnout


Burnout can happen to anyone anytime regardless of their gender, age, social or professional status. It is in close connection with the specifics of each individual: the way he or she knows how to manage their thoughts, emotions, life experience and past psychologically unsettling events. And yes, that so called “too late” moment can be reached by anyone! The consequences of extreme chronic stress are physical and mental distress, cynicism, detachment or a feeling of misachievement.

They all are the result of a sum of profound causes like the lack of control of their work and social support, setting up some goals they don’t strike a chord with, assuming some responsibilities that are not in line with their specifics and the lack of “pressing the pause button.”

It’s little wonder that, of all employees, Millennials are the most affected by burnout. They grew up and live in a world of speed, where results are required quickly. They want to demonstrate and set out to have at least the same results as those with professional experience. Sometimes, they want to exceed them, generating a gap between their individual capacity and their self-imposed performance.

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Simona Nicolaescu

Antreprenor Dynamic HR, trainer, coach, well-being visionary

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